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Improvements fuelled by intelligent insights.

Proactive monitoring, data-driven improvements, and reporting on vital back-office digital tasks. We enable your digital team to focus on growth and innovation.

Client Success

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Empowering Every User with Sobeys’ Web Accessibility

Through our partnership with Sobeys Inc, we have made significant strides in making their web properties accessible to all. Our streamlined system and ongoing optimization have resulted in a more inclusive internet experience, benefiting millions of users.

Staying Proactive for Sobeys’ Digital Security

FP Digital partnered with Sobeys to develop and implement robust security measures. This tailored solution not only addressed their immediate security gaps but also positioned them to stay ahead of potential threats through proactive measures.

Building a Digital Asset Management System for OPG

Developing a custom-built system to address OPG's unique needs, offering a comprehensive solution improving the way OPG stores digital assets. The system's features were tailored to align with OPG's branding, advertising, web, and social media requirements.

Wattco’s SEO and Performance Journey

FP Digital's efforts to assist Wattco, a trusted manufacturing company, in implementing a comprehensive approach to boost both SEO ranking and website performance. This tailored solution aimed to optimize the website's technical aspects while uncovering opportunities to enhance SEO.

Primer.AI Brand Refresh

FP Digital can bring about transformative changes in a company's online presence. By leveraging cutting-edge design improvements, data-driven insights, and effective brand refresh strategies.

Managed Services

Your back-office digital team

At FP Digital, we excel in handling the essential technical tasks that drive success for digital teams like yours.

We use specialized tools to constantly monitor your websites, prioritize tasks, make upgrades, and offer detailed reports.

Design & Development

Application Development, Full website build, Web Design, Website migration


Backup & Recovery, Continuous Deployment, Hosting Management, Maintenance, Robust Monitoring


Access Control Policies, Cloud-based Security Solutions, Incident Response, Malware Monitoring, Security Compliance, Server Monitoring, Web Traffic Analysis


Keyword Monitoring, SEO Analysis, SEO Auditing, SEO Reporting, Strategy, Technical SEO


Audit, Cache Optimization, Image Optimization, Page Speed, Server Performance


Accessibility Audit, WCAG Compliance Report, Web Accessibility Adjustments for compliance requirements
Having FP Digital as our web service providers offered us a great peace of mind and confidence. Their team is very responsive and highly skilled. They look at every project with great precision and are always reliable.
Lesya Chapman, Chapman's Ice Cream

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